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The Singapore Defence Technology Summit (Tech Summit) is a unique gathering of global thought leaders from government, industry, academia, and think tanks, to network, confer, and collaborate in the development of defence and security capabilities.

Attendees include:

  • Defence technology policy makers
  • National Armament Directors and Chief Technology Officers
  • Government Chief Technology Officers
  • Chief Executive Officers and Chief Technology Officers from the industry
  • Thought leaders from academia and think tanks

Recently, the world has witnessed unprecedented disruptions originating from diverse areas such as technology, geo-politics and health, and these have rippling effects because of the deep, interdependent linkages in the world today. We have seen first-hand how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the economy, exposed vulnerabilities in supply chains, military operations, and accelerated the pace of digitalisation worldwide.

Tech Summit 2021 will examine the impact of recent disruptions to government organisations and industries, postulate new disruptors and vulnerabilities, discuss how to organise themselves for future disruptions, and perhaps even seize unexpected opportunities for growth.

The conference will take place in a hybrid format.

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Programme Highlights

Tuesday 12 October 2021

  • 7:30PM SGT (UTC+8) Opening Dinner & Welcome Address by Dr Ng Eng Hen, Minister for Defence (Singapore)

Wednesday 13 October 2021

  • 8:00PM SGT (UTC+8) Keynote Address by Mr Heng Swee Keat, Deputy Prime Minister and Coordinating Minister for Economic Policies (Singapore)
  • 8:30PM SGT (UTC+8) Plenary 1: Tackling Disruptions: Questioning Your Assumptions
    Defence technology planners have traditionally adopted a core set of planning assumptions and programmatic processes to deliver capabilities to armed forces. Are the traditional planning norms and processes relevant to deal with the asymmetric threats and disruptions of today and tomorrow? For example, how do organisations deal with unpredictability, emerging technology and disruptors, and address the need for speed-to-market and adopt fast-moving technologies? How do we build resilience and security in critical digital systems amidst the disruptive trends of commercialisation, cyber vulnerabilities and global supply chains? This session will discuss the implications of disruptions on technology and capability development.

Thursday 14 October 2021

  • 8:00PM SGT (UTC+8) One-on-One Dialogue
  • 8:30PM SGT (UTC+8) Plenary 2: Beyond Terrorism, Cyber and Pandemics: What’s Next?
    Terrorism, cyber threats and the COVID-19 pandemic have upheaved the world we live in. Beyond these, what are the possible disruptors appearing over the horizon, and what are its implications for government organisations and industries? This session will examine the interplay of technology and the environment, hypothesise the next major threat vectors, and how to uncover and anticipate them.

Friday 15 October 2021

  • 8:00PM SGT (UTC+8) Plenary 3: The Government-Industrial Ecosystem: Turning Challenge into Opportunity
    Today, there are nimble start-ups and agile organisations that are able to pivot quickly to changes. This plenary will examine companies and industries that have successfully navigated their way through recent disruptions, created niche opportunities in a challenging environment, and then discuss how governments and defence technology establishments can partner effectively with them. This session will discuss new partnership strategies for defence establishments, industry and start-ups in the face of disruptions.
  • 9:00PM SGT (UTC+8) Summary Plenary
    This session will fuse the observations and findings from the plenary sessions and examine strategies that government organisations, industries and technology start-ups could adopt to build confidence and resilience in an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment.

Day Programme includes: Virtual Tech Sharing Sessions, Virtual Tech Demo Sessions, Virtual Tech Showcase, Networking and Meetings, which are all accessible on the virtual platform. Click here for more details on the day programme.

moderators & speakers

  • Patrice Caine
    Mr Patrice CaineChairman and CEO, Thales Group (France)
  • Emmanuel Chiva
    Dr Emmanuel ChivaDirector, Defence Innovation Agency (France)
  • Chng Kai Fong
    Mr Chng Kai FongSecond Permanent Secretary, Smart Nation and Digital Government Group (Singapore)
  • BG Kelvin Fan
    BG Kelvin FanChief of Staff – Joint Staff / Singapore Armed Forces Inspector-General (Singapore)
  • Ms Elizabeth Heng
    Ms Elizabeth HengDirector Technology Strategy and Policy Office, Ministry of Defence (Singapore)
  • Dr Naveed Hussain
    Dr Naveed HussainChief Technology Officer, Vice President and General Manager, Boeing Research & Technology (USA)
  • Dr Sungwoo Hwang
    Dr Sungwoo HwangPresident and CEO, Samsung SDS (South Korea)
  • Dr Irit Idan
    Dr Irit IdanExecutive Vice President for Research and Development, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems (Israel)
  • Dr Hao Li
    Dr Hao LiCEO and Co-Founder, Pinscreen (USA)
  • Dr Sean McFate
    Dr Sean McFateProfessor of Strategy, Georgetown University and the National Defense University (USA)
  • Prof Tanya Monro
    Prof Tanya MonroChief Defence Scientist, Department of Defence (Australia)
  • BG David Neo
    BG David NeoDeputy Secretary (Technology) and Future Systems & Technology Architect, Ministry of Defence (Singapore)
  • Ravi Pandit
    Mr Ravi PanditCo-Founder and Chairman, KPIT Technologies (India)
  • G Satheesh Reddy
    Dr G Satheesh ReddySecretary, Department of Defence R&D and Chairman, Defence Research and Development Organisation (India)
  • Dr Will Roper
    Dr Will RoperCEO, Volansi / Former Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics (USA)
  • Raghav Sahgal
    Mr Raghav SahgalPresident of Cloud and Network Services, Nokia (Finland)
  • Kusti Salm
    Mr Kusti SalmPermanent Secretary, Ministry of Defence (Estonia)
  • Mike Sewart
    Mr Mike SewartGroup Chief Technology Officer, QinetiQ (UK)
  • Prof Yossi Sheffi
    Prof Yossi SheffiElisha Gray II Professor of Engineering Systems, Director, MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics (USA)
  • The Honorable Heidi Shyu
    The Honorable Heidi ShyuUnder Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering, Department of Defense Research and Engineering (USA)
  • Ravinder
    Mr Ravinder SinghGroup COO, (Technology & Innovation) and President (Defence & Public Security), ST Engineering (Singapore)
  • LTG Thomas H. Todd III
    LTG Thomas H. Todd IIIDeputy Commanding General, Acquisition and Systems / Chief Innovation Officer, United States Army Futures Command (USA)
  • Patrick Tucker
    Mr Patrick TuckerTechnology Editor, Defense One (USA)

Hear From Some of Our Speakers

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Hear from Past Participants

  • Siim Sikkut
    Mr Siim SikkutChief Information Officer,
    Government of Estonia

    "It's great to be part of the Tech Summit and share some of the things that we have been doing, especially on the cybersecurity front. Now what has been surprising in a very nice way is the breadth of discussion involved. It is also future-looking, talking about the brain as the next frontier. Knowledge sharing is important and it is not happening enough because the good solutions that we have to rely on have to come from collaboration. By bringing different communities together, they can understand each other's challenges and collaborate for the next stage of solutions." (Tech Summit 2019)

  • Tim Hwang
    Mr Tim HwangFormer Director,
    Harvard-MIT Ethics and Governance of AI Initiative

    "It is important to ensure that technology is accessible because I think that it can be applied in many different places and doing it right often requires many different types of perspectives. So, it's critical for the military, industry and academia to collaborate with one another. DSTA is really interested in thinking long-term around the technologies, and that requires lots of perspectives. Holding the Singapore Defence Technology Summit is a farseeing approach to think about long-term strategy, and I admire DSTA for making the investment for this event." (Tech Summit 2019)

  • Hong Wong Pyo
    Dr Hong Won-PyoFormer President and Chief Executive Officer,
    Samsung SDS, South Korea

    "The Tech Summit brought in a lot of different expertise and organisations, which is really reflecting different perspectives from different industries and different levels of interest. I found this summit to be very valuable because many speakers are now talking about the convergence between the technology innovation from the enterprise and also the need for innovations in the defence industry." (Tech Summit 2018)

  • Arie Jan
    Vice ADM Arie Jan de WaardNational Armament Director and Director,
    Defence Material Organisation, The Netherlands

    "I am very glad to be invited to the Tech Summit. It is not the question of if, but how we should incorporate innovation within our defence organisations. All the new developments which are happening - if you are talking about artificial intelligence, cyber, digitalisation, nanotechnology - all these things will affect humanity. And, that is why Tech Summit 2018 is so important - to have the dialogue with all the different nations and nationalities gathered here in Singapore." (Tech Summit 2018)

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